Blade and Soul Classes

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Blade Master Kung-Fu Master Force Master Destroyer Assassin Summoner Blade Dancer


No matter in melee combat or long-range one, Blade Masters are really terrors for enemies as they always integrate all sweat, souls and swords into a whole one and perform swordsmanship to the utmost proficiency.


Vigorous Revival: Stands up instantly and plunges into the battle with the help of vigor in sword after being attacked.

Fire Impact: Generates considerable damage with fire shards around the blade and pushes the enemy to the sky.

Chop Dancing: A subsequent skill of Fire Impact that launches violent attacks to the enemy in the sky, causing deadly weapon damage.

Poseidon Surging: Activates Poseidon Seal in the sword to cause certain damage against the enemy and knock the enemy to the ground.

Ultimate Chop: A subsequent skill of Poseidon Surging that causes an extremely deadly strike to the enemy on the ground


blade master blade master blade master

Gameplay Video

Blade Master Skills & Combo [Gstar 2010]

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