Blade and Soul Classes

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Blade Master Kung-Fu Master Force Master Destroyer Assassin Summoner Blade Dancer


Except their clumsy movements, destroyers have supreme defense and terrible beheading damage. It can be said that they are the embodiment of demons and the true warriors among the four classes, which obviously make them most suitable to serve as Main Tanks.


Demonic Shield: The utter defense that activates the demonic skin of destroyers to ward off all attacks for a time.

Bloody Blade: Wields gigantic weapons instantly to cause continuous deadly damage to the enemy.

Doomsday: A subsequent skill of Bloody Blade that chops at the enemy with all strength, causing several times more damage than Bloody Blade. However, there is not a 100% success rate.

Devil Claw: Grips the head of the dying enemy with devil claw and cuts off the head to a long distance with weapon.


Destroyer Destroyer  

Gameplay Video

Destroyer Skills & Combo [Gstar 2010]

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