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Summoner is a ranged class. They summon cute cats to deliver a variety of attacks. They can also protect nearby allies with dandelion seeds. The Summoner is a versatile class, and is best described as a "jack-of-all-trades, but master-of-none."

Available Race: Lyn

Weapon: lantern

Advantage:ranged attack, control and support

Combat Style: weaken the enemies by the force of nature and then use pets to attack them.


Standard skills

  • Rose, Butterfly (장미, 나비) - Left Click - The summoner's auto attack. Has a small DoT effect on target enemy. Can be enhanced so as to shred enemy armor (10% per hit, for a maximum of 50%), and to have a bouncing effect. Each attack restores 1 energy.
  • Wasp (말벌) - Right Click - Right clicking on a target enemy causes the summoner to charge up this attack and let loose. Does significant DoT over 10 seconds.
  • Morning Glory (나팔꽃) - Press F - Causes the summoner to drain the enemy's health over a duration of time. Hits multiple times during the effect, and each time has its own separate chance to critically strike, draining more health. Moving interrupts the draining process. Can be enhanced so as to drain as an AOE effect, heal the cat for 10% of its health in total, and be used while moving, or can be enhanced so as to increased the damage dealt, but sacrifice all healing aspects.
  • Grasping Roots (덩굴손) - Press 1 - A skill that roots enemies in place. Has a radius of 4 meters in a circular area of effect. Can be so it can be cast on a target up to 16 meters away, and can also be enhanced so that the cooldown refreshes when an attack is blocked with dandelion seed.
  • Absorb (흡수)- Press 2 - A skill that drains health from an enemy. Can be enhanced to absorb more health from an enemy, although with a smaller effective area of effect, or to absorb energy.
  • Flower Petal Cloud (꽃가루) - Press 3 - Cast a cloud of flower petals on the ground. Allies in the area of effect are protected from long range attacks. Can be enhanced so as to either restore health, or restore energy.
  • Burn Flower Petal Cloud (꽃가루 태우기) - After Flower Petal Cloud has been cast, starting from lvl 40, pressing 3 again will allow you to burn the flower petal cloud for damage. Enemies in the radius of the burning effect slowly gather "burn" charges up to a maximum of 5.
  • Dandelion Seed (민들레씨) - Press 4 - Holds a dandelion seed. If hit with an enemy attack or skill in the next 1.5 seconds, other than attacks that negate the 'protect' or 'guard' status, then the Summoner enters an invisible state and gains enhanced speed. Can be enhanced so as to effect party members within a 30 meter radius, as to last an extra 0.5 seconds, and to cost 0 energy.
  • Sadness (흐규흐규, lit. 'sob sob') - Press Tab - When the summoner's cat has been killed, the cat can be refreshed by pressing the Tab key. This will cause the summoner to cry for 5 seconds, at the end of which the cat will be revived will full health. The reviving process can be interrupted at any time, but doing so will cause the channel time to reset.
  • Dash (달려들기) - Press Tab - When the summoner's cat is in play, and a target is selected, pressing tab will cause the cat to dash towards target enemy.
  • Assist (응원) - Pres Z - Restores the health of the cat by sacrificing a percentage of your own health. Can be enhanced so as to also buff the cat's critical strike chance or to reduce the damage the cat takes. Either buff last only 30 seconds.
  • Foxtail (강아지풀) - Press X - Recalls the cat to the summoner's location. Doing so will cause the cat to wait for the next order. Can be enhanced so as to have a knockback effect (cooldown increased to 30seconds). Can also be enhanced so that this skill can be cast regardless of whatever status effect is ailing the summoner.
  • Hammer smash (충격) - Press C - Orders the cat to hit the enemy with a hammer. Doing so also explodes any burn charges on the enemy, consuming them and dealing extra damage. Can be enhanced so as to have a stunning effect on targets that are using "protect" or "guard" skills, and can also be enhanced so as to have an area of effect damage.
  • Lay bomb (폭탄 설치) - Press V - Orders the cat to lay down a bomb. Press V again to explode the bomb, dealing damage and knocking down the enemy. Can be enhanced so as to knock the enemy into the air when cast on stunned or paralyzed enemies, or to deal greatly enhanced damage while removing the "down" and "knockup" effects.
  • Cower (웅크리기) - Press Q/E - Orders the cat to lay down and 'cower', causing a provoke effect. Enemies within 4 meters are effected and will attack the cat. While in this state, the cat takes 90% less damage from all attacks, and is immune to all status effects.

Skills when used on a downed, stunned or paralyzed enemy.

  • Press down (누르기) - Press Tab - Orders the cat to press down on a enemy using a "protect" or "guard" move, a downed enemy, or a stunned enemy. Does not work on paralyzed enemies.
  • Claw (활키기) - Press Z - Orders the cat to slash at the enemy, dealing damage. Can be enhanced so as to cause bleeding effect on enemy, or to prevent the enemy from using "protect" moves. Can only be used when the targeted enemy is pressed down by the cat.
  • Headbutt (박치기) - Press X - Orders the cat to headbutt the enemy, dealing damage and taking the enemy aggro for the next 30 seconds. Can only be used when the targeted enemy is pressed down by the cat.
  • Knock up (올려치기) - Right Click - Orders the cat to knock the enemy into the air. Can only be used on stunned or paralyzed enemies.
  • Smack Smack (파닥파닥) - Right Click - Orders the cat to smack the enemy in the air (air combo!). Can only be used on enemies that are knocked up into the air.

Skills that can be used when fatally injured or dead.

  • Rejuvenate (뿌잉뿌잉) - Left Click - Orders the cat to dance energetically, helping to rejuvenate the summoner or target ally, reducing the time it takes to recover by 5 seconds.
  • CPR (심페소생술) - Left Click - Orders the cat to perform CPR on target dead ally (or self), reviving the target in 20 seconds if uninterrupted by any enemy attacks.
  • Guard (경호) - Press F - When recovering from losing all hp, the summoner can order the cat to stand guard. Doing so will cause the cat to take all damage incoming towards the summoner, allowing the summoner to recover without completely dying.
  • Cat's sacrifice (고양이의 보은) - Press F - When dead, can order the cat to sacrifice itself, reviving all dead and fatally injured teammates in range with 50% of their health.

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