Blade & Soul 2nd Anniversary Festival Gift Awaits You

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Blade & Soul's 2nd Anniversary is coming. To celebrate, an Anniversary Festival will start on January 17th. 


Players will all have the chance to receive a 2nd Anniversary Festival Gift which is a free pack of items obtainable once per account from the Hongmoon Store, and inside of which players'll find special once-in-a-lifetime rewards. There'll also be Daily Dungeon Quests and Daily Challenges for players to complete to get some limited-time rewards from the Dragon Express, including the Purity costume, anniversary fireworks, and more.


Meanwhile, a limited-time special event version of Blackram Supply Chain will be avaialble. Characters over level 50 will be challenged to an updated version of this classic, and able to collect special daily rewards from it. And a new costume chest will also be available on January 17th for a limited time, allowing players who purchase the chests a chance at receiving various costumes, and the choice to keep them or salvage them to work toward unlocking the Silver Saberfang set with matching adornments and familiar cosmetics.

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