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The wait is still on for Blade & Soul to make it across the Pacific, but at least we can drink in news and updates from those already enjoying the title has a big preview of the Lyn Blade Master class.



Blade & Soul has been consuming my life lately and with the latest patch this game literally owns my soul! For those of you who often keep up to date with the latest Blade & Soul news know the recent patch added a new playable class in the game called Lyn Blade Master. This class seems to be very popular and almost half the people in my guild rolled a Lyn Blade Master alt for fun. Everything you need to know about the new class is available in this preview so prepare yourself for some cute Lyn action!


Jin Blade Master and Lyn Blade Master


The new class was released on Nov.7th,2012 and as I have stated on my Facebook Fan Page, that I hardcore leveled up this class to max level in a little over 24 hours! I wasn't the only who went hardcore with the new job, some of my guild members also did a 1-2 days max level grinding session! It's pretty easy to level up in this game just as long as you know where to go. Now it's time for the juicy part of the preview!


Level 45 Final Raid Dungeon


Leveling up the Lyn Blade Master was fairly easy because unlike most classes in this game, this one has a lot of powerful AOE skills. Although I still think that the Destroyer is the easiest class to level up with because you can just spin to win and they have a good amount of sustain to keep them alive. Most players often think tanky when they hear the words Blade Master but the Lyn version is very squishy. Blade Master and Kung Fu Masters are considered to be the Tank class in this game because they can output a lot of damage. It's also possible for a Lyn Blade Master to tank end game dungeons, but they will need a lot of damage and be lag free. The only way to hold aggro in this game is by doing a lot of damage. If the tanker is lagging, then they will definitely have a lot of trouble holding aggro because of the noticeable delay when executing skills and normal attacks.


Bloody Shark Harbor First Boss

I'd like to think of the Lyn BM as more of a support class because of its' party skill where they can hold a monster or boss up after it's disabled properly. Just like the developers said this class seemed pretty easy to get used too. I think it's because they wanted to target female players in the game, thus they release this new class. A lot of the Blade & Soul community actually created a Lyn BM because it is the first Melee class for the Lyn race. It's a shame that some of the classes are restricted to certain races otherwise I would have rolled Lyn Kung Fu Master from the start.


Sexy Bosses Vs Blade Master Power!


After I have finished all of my end game dungeons that have a 24 hour cool down, I often like to kill my time with PvP'ing mostly 1v1 style. The Lyn Blade Master is very a powerful class in PvP especially on 1v1. When building items for PvP, it's better to go for defense and health instead of the usual PvE build where you go glasses cannon with pure attack power and critical damage. It's very important to stay alive long enough for your grab cool down to reset! The Lyn Blade Master doesn't have a ten to fifteen hit combo like the original Blade Master or like the crazy powerful Kung Fu Master but they do have a wide variety of disable skills and their short grab cool down plays a big role in 1v1 fights. The other useful skill in PvP and PvE is their whirlwind like skill called Pin Wheel, when a Lyn BM spins their defense rating goes up to 400%. Not only that they can parry skills and projectiles 1 second in the spinning move. After that one second window ends, they will eat the rest of the damage but their defense will be boosted up to 400% until their spin ends.


Pig Dungeon


There are a lot of people arguing and debating on whether this class is overpowered or not. To be honest it all depends on the party setup without a Destroyer a Lyn BM can't DPS very good because they are always lacking "Chi" which is equivalent to "Mana" in other games. Most of the Lyn BM skills eat a lot of chi and the only way to get it back is by auto attacking, specializing more chi regen but less survivability, and etc. If I had dream party for my Lyn BM it would definitely consist of Blade Master, Destroyer, Lyn Blade Master, and Force Master. All of those classes can do massive amounts of damage while the boss is held and the Destroyer and Lyn BM can take turns grabbing the boss!


Loli Dance Time


The Lyn Blade Master is kind of like the jack of all trades class except it will never excel at a certain aspect like tanking, dps, support, and etc. Unless they are very geared with the best equipment in the game, then they will be able to do things a lot more efficiently. They have a lot of useful skills like stun, knock down, grab, spinning, throwing swords, and stuff. I'm really digging this new class, I've always enjoyed playing short melee characters almost makes me miss my Elin Lancer. That should be all for now, make sure you stop by my Youtube Channel where I will be uploading more footage of the Lyn Blade Master class in the future.


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