Blade and Soul (KR) Hong Mun Slaughter Fan-made MV

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In Blade and Soul (KR), the Hong Mun Slaughter quest is for players who are above level 43. This quest takes place in Mujifeng. Once you finish the quest, you will be rewarded 20 silver, 2,000 experience, worship food and 3 green bags.


Recently, a player made a MV video about the Hong Mun Slaughter quest. In the video, we can find the old joyful and amiable master. However, after Jin Seo Yeon's brutal slaughter, only memories are left. The revenge of Hong Mun School starts. With the vivid video, players seem to experience the sorrow, anger and helplessness of Hong Mun School.


Before you see the fan-made video, I suggest you have a look at the Hong Mun School CG video for better understanding.


Here is the fan-made one.

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