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White and Blue Mountains Update has been alive. Please check out the latest outfits for all races! These screenshots are original from milaROse's post in Blade & Soul Dojo Forum.


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This is MMOsite exclusive translation of Blade and Soul Outfit Simulator. Before the official English version released, I hope this simulator would be a good reference for you. At the bottom left corner, it shows the name and the nature of each outfit. At the bottom right corner, you can know where or how you can get this outfit. More large pictures of each outfit and more new outfit information will be kept updating.

Primary Disciple of Martial Alliance

Intermediate Disciple of Martial Alliance

Senior Disciple of Martial Alliance

White Sand


Sea Boy



White Ghost

Magic Wings

Ghost Fog(Yellow)


B&W Angel

Chaotic Demon

Spring Breeze

Senior Jiang Shi


Ghost Fog (Red)


Golden Destroyer

Next page is the translation note.

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