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The original one is in Korean. I don't know Korean, but Chinese. So, this English outfit simulator was translated from Chinese version.
I'd like to talk about the translation process. I came across some difficulties.

I find several different Chinese versions of this outfit simulator, which means an outfit will have two Chinese names. Usually, a outfit names is pictographic, having tide relation with its look or shape. In this case, I went back to this outfit itself and try to find the suitable English words for it. Like "Golden Snake" and "Silver Snake", these two outfits, the original name in Chinese would be "Golden Silk" and "Silver Silk". But I prefer "Snake" to describe this outfit.


Then, I find difficult in selecting a word from other words with similar meanings, something like "Evil" and "Demon", "Breeze" and "Winds".


I also find the cultural difference. Take "Senior Jiang Shi" outfit as an example. At the very beginning, I select "Zombie", but finally "Jiang Shi". If you check the outfit, you will find the different image from the zombie in western culture. According to wiki page, a typical Jiang Shi depicted as a stiff corpse dressed in official garments from the Qing Dynasty, and it moves around by hopping, with its arms outstretched. It kills living creatures to absorb their qi, or "life force", usually at night, while in the day, it rests in a coffin or hides in dark places such as caves. Here I find a Chinese classic Jiang Shi comedy movie, Happy Ghost.


Thirdly, some names of locations and NPC are translated as Chinese pingyin or Korean pronunciation. This website is my reference for the locations.


Any suggestions and correction are welcome.~

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