[Exclusive Translation] Blade and Soul Qing Gong System

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Qing Gong is an indispensable element of a Wushu-theme game. This MMOsite exclusive translation will preview the wonderful Qing Gong system in Blade and Soul. This feature was translated from bns.17173 which based on the first and second CBT of CN version. Before the official English version released, I hope this feature would be a good reference for you to know how a Qing Gong works and where to learn.



Name Operation Qing Gong Stamina Effect How to Acquire



Press W twice. 1000/s

Enters Qing Gong sprinting mode. [Video]

Tutorial Quest



When in Sprint mode, tap space bar to jump high, and tap space bar again to enter Glide mode. None When your are gliding, you slowly drift through the air, traveling faster than walking (but slower than normal Qing Gong sprinting mode). You do not take up Qing Gong stamina (the green bar) while in glide mode. Very fun and useful to use on top of high altitude areas, as you can glide for very long amount of time. [Video] Tutorial quest of main tasks - Prelude, Act 3

Flying Over Long Mai


When near the Long Mai(龙脉), press F None Jump to the next Long Mai(龙脉). [Video] Cleaning up all the main tasks of Chapter 16, Act 1

Air Walk


Press W twice while gliding 1000/s Like glide, you will be flying in the air, but you go much faster and will drain stamina. If you run out of stamina during and air walk, you will not fall: instead, you will just enter glide mode (if you are high up enough to regain stamina before you hit the ground, you can re-enter Air walk). [Video] Level 15 quest - you can find a transmission spot behind Vagrant Bothie(流浪者茅屋) in Qingyuan Cliff(情缘崖). Then you can see a NPC, an anchoret. Talk to him and learn this qing gong.

Water Walk


Press W twice while on water 1000/s You will run on water.Water walk automatically activates whenever you walk over water in Qing Gong mode. Water Walk can be activated even if you are currently in the water, so there is no way to really get "stuck" going too far away from land with Water Walk mode (as some adventuresome players do) other than the short amount of time it takes for stamina to recharge. [Video] After learning "Air Walk", you will find another NPC, Liang Yi Jushi(两仪居士or 百草居士)on an island floating on the air. Using the qing gongs you have learned to get to that island and talked to him. Then you learn this qing gong.

Light as a Swallow


Tap Space bar while sprinting 1000/s To avoid the obstacles while sprinting. [Video] Level 18 Quest -"Passing over the Obstacle" (跨越障碍物).

Qing Gong Level 2


None None To increase Qing Gong stamina from 12, 000 to 15, 000 and to extend of the time of using Qing Gong from 12 seconds to 15 seconds. When entering in Great Desert area, you will get a quest automaticlly in the quest window, called “风驰电掣”.

Drop Down


While Gliding, press S 1000/s

Character drops all the way down to the ground quickly in a kneeling fashion, with both legs and one hand on the ground. [Video]

Extra Use: If you just tap S while gliding, your character will drop in altitude. Has a few small uses, mostly things like trying to avoid large objects at the same altitude as you by dropping a few feet.

When levelling up to 28, you will get a quest automaticlly in the quest window.

Fast Speed


Press W twice while dropping in alitutude and just landing on the ground None After just landing on the grond from high altitude areas, enter into Sprint mode without getting "stuck". [Video] After obtain "Drop Down", you will learn "Fast Speed" from Liang Yi Jushi(两仪居士or百草居士).

Leap onto Roofs and Vault over Wshenalls


When sprinting or air walking near walls 1000/s Run quickly on the wall or roofs. [Video] After cleaning up all the quests of Act 3, you will receive a quest, called "虚空疾走" to learn this ability.

Qing Gong Level 3


None None To increase Qing Gong stamina from 15, 000 to 20, 000 and to extend of the time of using Qing Gong from 15 seconds to 20 seconds. Completing the quest "虚空疾走" and talked to Liang Yi Jushi (两仪居士or百草居士) again.


Screenshots and Video related to Qing Gong~


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