Blade and Soul Bo-Pae System

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Bo-Pae System


Unlike many other MMORPG's, you'll never have to worry about your characters gear looking terrible in Blade & Soul!


In fact, your character’s entire visual appearance, minus your weapon, has no stat enhancing features what so ever!


You can wear any clothes you like. The clothes are just appearance except the camp stats.


Bo-Pae makes up a significant part of your total stat enhancements.


8 Bo-Pae pieces consist a Bo-Pae set. Each piece has its own stats. Some +1 attack, some +1 dodge.


Players can choose Bo-Pae piece with certain stats according to their needs.


There are even Bo-Pae sets in the game, similar to gear sets in other game.


Collecting 3 pieces in a set will unlock a stat, 5 pieces unlock 2 and 8 pieces the whole stats.




Before introducing how to play the Bo-Pae system, I have to tell you one important thing: The Bo-Pae system have to be used in combination with the clothes. Otherwise it’s invalid.



Did you see that, without the clothes, although you have equipped the Bo-Pae, it is still in the color of gray.


How to use Bo-Pae System


Press P to open the Bo-Pae page.



The Bo-Pae system consists of eight interchangeable stat item slots. Each slot can be placed with a Bo-Pae piece.



Each Bo-Pae piece belongs in a set. Collecting and equipping every piece in a set will unlock further stats and even cause a physical appearance change on your character, making him or her glow. Glowing effects vary depending on the rarity of the Bo-Pae set. Here's an example on how the set bonuses work; each set contains roughly three stat bonuses, collect and equip three pieces in a set to unlock the first, collect five to unlock the second and collect all eight to unlock the final bonus. This leaves room to mismatch sets if you feel the eight piece bonus isn't worth it. For instance, you can collect five pieces of one set and three of another.


Some players may ask how to distinguish one set from others?



Pay attention to the above image. Once you see the names of Bo-Pae piece and the notes in【】are the same, you know they are a set. When you collect a whole set, there will be a light blue glow on the character.



▲the blue glow on the summoner is the effect of a zombie Bo-Pae set. Is it beautiful?


Compose Bo-Pae pieces


By composing Bo-Pae pieces in “Bag” (hotkey I), you can enhance character abilities.


3 things needed when composing Bo-Pae pieces: Main Bo-Pae (may fail when composing. Once failed, the stats will not be added. Main Bo-Pae piece will not disappear), additional stats Bo-Pae pieces (may disappear), Bo-Pae essence (can get when breakdown items).


When compose succeeds, the improved stats will be blue.




Things to remember: you can compose only one stat each time. Before level 20, each Bo-Pae piece can only add 1 point stat as in the above image. If you want to enhance certain stat, the additional stat Bo-Pae piece must contain the stat you want to compose.

How to get Bo-Pae essence

You can get Bo-Pae essence by item and weapon breakdown.

Press breakdown button in the Bag to breakdown the item.




You can see the additional ability in material pet’s ability information. If the material pet has more than one abilities, you can only compose by choosing one of the all abilities.

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