Blade and Soul Gem Insert System

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Gem Insert System

In BNS, players can enhance their equipments (currently weapons) with gem. Players can enhance their weapon stats with the gems they get in the game.


Open bag interface. You can insert gem any time by select an option on the top.


The function of BNS gem is similar with magic stone in AION and gem in DIABLO. It will be effective when inserted in the equip socket.


Only weapons with sockets can be inserted with gems. How many open sockets a weapon has varies from one to four depending on the level of the weapon.


There are different types of gems. For example: crystal is lower level and pearl is higher level. Currently there are 8 types of gems.


The higher level the gem is the higher value it will add to the equipment. When inserted with a pearl, the weapon is more powerful than the one inserted with a crystal.


The gems are color coded. Different color can enhance different abilities. Players can choose the color according to their own needs.


The weapon dropped in a dungeon with several gem sockets


Note: when then gem is inserted, it cannot be removed but can only be covered with a new one. When it’s covered, it will disappear.


How to insert a gem:

1. Press I to open bag. Click on the gem button on the right top side.

2. Drag the weapon (with empty gem sockets) you want to insert with gems to the left side of the gem page

3. Drag the gem you want to insert to the empty socket

4. Press apply button and done.

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