Blade and Soul Map, Teleport and Channel

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It is very convenient with the map in the game. With the map, you can play the game easier and the game will be more interesting.



Press M you will open the map in the game, and the map will be shown in the upright of the game all the time.


Press M more than once and the map will be zoomed in. Press N to make the map to be semitransparent mode.


In addition, there are graphical units on the map and you can zoom in and zoom out as you like.


You can also see the quests on the map.


The combination of the map and the quests


When you receive the quest, you can see not only the position of the NPC on the map, but also the targeting area of the quest.


The red oval area above is the targeting area of the quest. When the mouse point at the area, you can see more information about the quest on the map.



The blue oval shows that, the player has finished the related quest in this area. And the player can go to the direction where the yellow arrow marked to turn over the quest.



Map Teleport


In this game, there is no teleport NPC in the town. But the player can go to the appointed place for teleport.


Once open the map, the player can teleport to the places where have been already enabled the waypoints.


How to teleport? Press , you can see the waypoints everywhere on the map.



The will turn blue when the waypoints are enabled. Disabled waypoints are gray.


When the players once came to the waypoint, the waypoint will be enabled, and the players can teleport here at any time anywhere.


The players can teleport the places by any waypoints on the map.


Teleport costs the teleportation scrolls.


The number of costing teleportation scrolls depends on the distance of travel. For example, if the players want to reach a very far place, he needs to pay two pieces of teleportation scrolls.



The use of teleport costs 10 seconds and it has the time of cooldown.





Similar to MMOPRG, Blade and Soul also provides the players with many channels. And they can communicate with each other when they are on the same map.


Switch channel is the same fast as switch dungeons. But it also has cooldown time.

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