Blade and Soul Weapon System

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Weapon System

Weapon Repair


Available to: Blade Master

The most basic weapon in a MMORPG

Design of blades appearance in game will also match the outfit so that they can be the integration.




Fighting Gloves

Available to: Kung-Fu Master

It's the upgrade version of boxing gloves. Based on different types, fighting gloves will have different changes when their owners begin to go into battle.

Please note that fighting gloves are a two-handed weapon and must be worn on both hands together.


Ki-Gong Pe

Available to: Force Master

Weapon Intro: Force Masters can equip it on the wrist to boost their energy of Qi significantly.

Ki-Gong Pe is made up of a hilt and a long ribbon.

It is a two-handed weapon, but what can be seen from the picture is that Ki-Gong Pe is equipped on only one hand.




Available to: Destroyer

The axe is a huge two-handed weapon exclusively for Destroyers. It can be said that two-handed axes are the most powerful weapons.


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