Blade and Soul Battle System

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PVP System


PVP Dobok 

First let's introduce the Dobok. By donning different Doboks, players go into different factions. The PVP system in game is connect to the Dobok players wearing.


You will not be able to attack players unless you wear a different PVP Dobok.


Generally speaking, the only function of gaming costume is decoration but PVP costume is an exception. When players wear different PVP Doboks, they will be in different factions.


If two players wear Doboks of opposite factions, they can attack each other whether in field or in town.


Players with normal costume will not attack players with Doboks, and vice verse. They can attack each other only when both of them wear PVP Doboks.


Note: PVP Doboks are not allowed to abandon or trade, but players can equip any time.


If you love peace, then choose the neutral clothing so that you will not be forced to join PK and vice verse. Just fulfill quests and enjoy the game.


For example: If player A wears Dobok of one school and player B wear Dobok of another school, then they can join PK freely, either in field, in town or in dungeon.


Players can don PVP Doboks at any time while gaming and attack.


But there is restriction while taking off PVP clothing: they are not allowed to take off when players are in combat.



PVP Doboks also relate to NPC. NPC in some areas are in PVP Doboks. If players don normal clothing or PVP Doboks that are in the same faction with NPC, they will communicate with each other as usual; and they will be attacked by NPC if they wear PVP Doboks of the opposite faction. Of course, they can also attack NPC.


So it would be better change to normal clothing while going back town.


PVP Result


While PVP, player will win if the opposite HP is zero; and he/she will lose if his/her own HP is zero.


Players can choose to rest and then fight again or go back town while losing in PVP.


Death, Chi Meditation, Inn Chi Transfer, Revival


Worn Out & Chi Meditation & Death

In this game, the definition of death may be different from other games.


The character will be placed under the "Worn Out" state upon it's health reaching zero.


When in this "Worn Out" state you'll be able to crawl away from your defeat in shame. Once you have crawled to a safe location away from trouble you can use the "Chi Meditation" ability which slowly leads your character into recovery. 



After Chi Meditation for a while, you can regenerate most of HP and fight again, and this won't be count as death. Time for Chi Meditation is 40 seconds and it's pretty safe in the process.


After that, you may regenerate 70% ~ 80% of HP. But if players are attacked during Chi Meditation or in the state of "Worn Out", they will be killed by one hit kill.


Upon your death, you will be teleported to the nearest village or just wait to revive.


In Chi Meditation state, players will be dead if they are attacked.



Inner Chi Transfer

When players approach teammates in Chi Meditation state,Once clicking F key, players can help teammates in Chi Meditation state recover quickly.


Any teammate can be the healer of other teammates by collocation.


If the other three teammates heal worn out teammate with chi, he may defeat in 10 seconds.





If players die in the combat unfortunately, they will revive with F key as long as teammates nearby approach them.


8 seconds is needed for the time duration of the process.


After revival, players are in low HP and they need food and potion.




Death Process

Zero HP > Worn Out > Crawled to a Safe Location > Chi Meditation > Recover Health and Strength > Defeat Again


Zero HP > Worn Out > Crawled to a Safe Location > Chi Meditation > Teammates transfer Inner Chi > Recover Health and Strength Quickly > Defeat Again


Zero HP > Worn Out > Been Attacked in Worn Out or Chi Meditation > Dead > Teleport to town


Zero HP > Worn Out > Been Attacked in Worn Out or Chi Meditation > Dead > Teammates help to recover > Defeat Again 


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