Blade and Soul Characteristic System

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Character Creation System


Basically there was no character creation system and the game only offer presets for hair styles & colors, faces, body types & height.



Players can pick their favorite characters from these character models. But in this beta, there comes the character creation system besides new hair styles and faces for every race.



The character creation system is so powerful that even AION cannot exceed it. Every aspect of the face and body is customizable, needless to say hair styles & colors, pupil color.



There are also options such as skin, lip and face/eye etc wrinkles besides make-up (eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss and blusher, etc). Enjoy that and be unique.



Flying System



Qinggong is a skill and different from normal flying, which is a kind of special Kung Fu in ancient China. We can see it in many films.

In Blade and Soul, there are two kinds of flying, one is flying in the air and another is flying on the water.


Flying in the air

When the character sprints then leap in the air, it needs to consume HP while using the skill.

When falling from the high altitude, just press the key “Space”, the character can glide.

You can see the skill show in the following video. 




Flying on the water

When the character sprints then leap, it will begin to fly on the water. Most margin of the map is designed as profundal zone. If you want to flying to the ending of the world on the water, you will be drowned. 




Turntable System


In CBT 3, a turntable system has been added to Blade & Soul. Players can turn the lucky turntable with essence get by boss killing.


One essence costs every rotation. According to the damage output players deal every time they kill boss, they will get 1 to 5 essences.



Players will get weapons, costume and bo - pae of bosses by turntable rotation. Please note that only one player is allowed to rotate each time. Keep in mind of that.

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