Blade and Soul Quest and Dungeon System

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Quest System 

Similar to normal MMOPRG, quest in the game is divided into two categories: main quest and side quest. Main quest must be completed in order to advance in Blade & Soul while side quest is optional and it provides you with experience, loot, and money when completed.


Arrows for main quest is in yellow and side quest is in blue. And the shape will change according to the quest progress.


Information for quest is simple: quest will be shown on the map and quest area will also be marked with colored oval. Please refer to the follow picture.



Some quests will be interactive with the map or NPC, such as moving chests, carrying the wounded NPC and firing cannon to attack.


Interactive plot and the corresponding animation will be added to some quests.



Dungeon System


There are two kinds of dungeons in Blade & Soul: single - player dungeon and multiple dungeons.


Usually the entrance of dungeon is in the form of the magic circle as follows. The circle on the entrance stands for the number of participants.


One circle represents single - player dungeon.



Three circles in the following picture represents group dungeon.



In early game, dungeons are mainly designed for quests. And in late game, players will encounter elite dungeons and mysterious ultimate dungeon of new map. At this time, players need to support one another, get weapons and Bo-Pae with higher stats and improve their ability in combat.



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