Blade & Soul: Recommended Skills for Destroyers

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What skills do destroyers have? And what skills are more useful? Please check the info below.

The destroyer is a symbol of strength.

One of destroyers’ charming characteristics lies in their ability to manipulate and order about enemies at will. Despite their slow attacks, they have a wider attack range. After subduing an enemy, they can put an end to the enemy’s life with three successive attacks.

From this point, we can see the destroyer has super strong attack. Nevertheless, they worry players by their slow movement and cast-skill speed. It can be said that the destroyer is a class balanced in both attack and defense.

Level 15-19

It is better to spend the early days smoothly

Skill Name
Description Remark
Iron Wall
One of skills that must be learnt Recommended
Increases striking effects, but not very useful at the initial stage Recommended
Shows the strongest attack and destructive power Recommended
An indispensable skill, but it is not necessary to upgrade it to the third rank. Recommended
The only skill enables destroyers who don’t have counterattack skills to survive Recommended
Dominate I
Seldom used in the later dungeon battle Not Recommended
Dominate II
Used to attack dungeon bosses, but seldom used in the hunting ground Not Recommended
Fury Storm
Used inefficiently Not Recommended
Iron Wall Mastery
Don’t learn it for the moment Not Recommended

Level 20-24

Greatly improve destructive power through leveling up

Skill Name
Description Remark
Rising Kick
A follow-up skill used in the air Must
Gale Mastery
One of common skills that are hard to master attack time Not Recommended
Destruction Mastery
Generates 3 combos. It is powerful, so should be upgrade to the third rank. Recommended
Earthquake Mastery
Not effective except in the dungeons Not Recommended
Charge Mastery
Used in any attack state Recommended
Headbutt Mastery
An exclusive PVP skill Not Recommended
A powerful follow-up skill Recommended
Backward Roll
A skill that must be learnt Recommended

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