How to Have Expressions in Blade and Soul (New Emote Updated in KR Service)

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There are two ways to do expressions in Blade and Soul. One is to use "F12" button to select from a list. The other is by typing orders in Korean. The list below is showing how to make some expressions in Blade and Soul.

Lyn Race Showing Expressions

Korean Entry English Translation Korean Input Method
커뮤니티- Community
/인사 Greetings /dlstk
/박수 Clap /qkrtn
/농담 Joking /shdeka
/사랑 Love you /tkfkd
감정표현 - Emotion Expression
/눈물, 울기,ㅠㅠ,ㅜㅜ Tears/Cry /snsanf, dnfrl, bb, nn (4 ways)
/기쁨 Happy /rl shift+q ma (shift+q, thenㅃ appears)
/지루함 Boring /wlfngka
/공포 Fearful /rhdvh
Some Actions
/앉기 Sit /dkswrl
/춤 Dance /cna
Cat Walk

Use [/] to switch between walk and run

Recentely, new emotions are updated into KR service. Here is the video to show the new emotions of all the races.

This video is showing all expressions of female characters'.

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