BladeandSoul Korea Second Closed Beta Test Application Guide

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The 2nd Closed Beta Schedule for Blade & Soul: August 29 and September 10.

According to understanding, all adult members of NCsoft can apply for participation in Blade&Soul's second CBT from August 19 to 23, and the recruited testers will be announced through the official site on August 26.

Application Guide:

Open the Blade&Soul Korea official site:


1. Sign in with your plaync account.


2. Click here to apply for the CBT.


3. Accept the agreement.


4. Complete the application form.
Say something to B&S, you can copy the following words:
저를 좀 뽑아주세요^^(Please choose me ^^)
B&S 좋아해요^^ (I love B&S)
2차 CBT 하고싶어요~ (can't wait for the 2nd CBT)
지난 번 저를 뽑지 않아요.이번 뽑아 주시기 바람요.
B&S 화이팅,이번 꼭 할거예요~ (I want to play B&S)


5. Succeed!



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