Blade and Soul (KR) - The First Legendary Weapon Came Out

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The new legendary weapons is too hard to craft for the harsh drop rate of materials and time needed to gather. So, NCsoft decided to reward the first 3 crafters with HUGE prizes! However, this event is impromptu, which made many players unhappy.


There are the list of the prizes for the first legendary crafter, TheGAZETTEovo, a force master, Lyn race in the game.

1. The life-time access to Blade and Soul. KR now is paid to play.

2. Space Expansion Ticket for the final inventory page, which costs 10, 000 in-game currency.

3. A Blade and Soul Customized PC

4. Powerful Equipment Enhancement Gems Set

5. Three Free Cash Costumes of any Choice

6. Three Character Customization Scrolls

How the first legendary weapons looks like?

It's a Fighting Gloves, only available to force master.

The name of the weapon in Korean or Chinese is too hard to translate. I call it as Golden Fighting Gloves, the legendary Weapon for force master.

Attack 313/ Crit 207/ Stab 88

have a chance to recover 10 HP during attacking

have a chance to have SP buff

four slots for hexagonal gem

Level 45/ Force Master only/ can't trade

How hard to crafte this weapon? There is a serial quests for making a golden legendary weapon, beginning with Black Dragon Box to the third floor of th Spiral Labyrinth. At the very first, it asked to beat down the boss in the third floor in 3 minuts, which was even too hard for the best team. Then it changed to 6 minutes on Jan. 16th. 8 hours afther the update, finally good news of the Legendary Weapon came out. It said that the first korean player with strong will have done more than 400 collecting quests, paid more than 10,000 in-game currency, using 21 days to craft.


Source: PlayNC, DUOWAN


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