Blade and Soul Still Gets Over 1 Million Active Players After Massive Accounts Banned

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As the final champion of our 2015 Readers' Choice event, I never doubt that Blade and Soul will be pretty hot after launch. Today NCSOFT just announced that within days of its official launch in NA and EU, Blade and Soul has reached a milestone of more than 1 million players playing the game.

Blade and Soul

However, just a few days ago, a lot of players complained on the official forum that their accounts got locked for no reason. After checking, they found that their accounts were banned because of using VPN and WTFast. Since there are lots of spammers using VPN or WTFast in the game, they guessed that their accounts may be banned for being wrongly identified as spammers. About this, NCSOFT explained that they would not ban any account for using VPN or WTFast, and they were still checking those banned accounts.

Blade and Soul

Anyway, it's still a fact that a surge of players are joining in the world of Blade and Soul. According to NCSOFT, in the coming months players can expect a regular cadence of content updates and patches to further enhance gameplay and the overall Blade and Soul experience.

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