Blade and Soul KR: 1v24 Instance Zone Launched with New Trailer and Event

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Blade and Soul KR has launched their 1v24 instance zone since Jan 21st. Along with this update, NCsoft also released a new trailer of it and kicked off a new event to encourage players to challenge this instance zone. 


This instance zone is located in the famous "Moonlight Wind Plain", alike other 24-player instance zones, it requires players to form a team first before they enter it. 


Another hightlight of this instance zone is that the HP of its Boss "Reiki Turtle" is more than 22.3 million, so that it's hard for players to defeat it. Players must get through 30 phases, and during different phases there will be different situations, including improving its status, summoning minions, etc.


Since this guy is hard to defeat, so the reward of winning this instance zones is quite precious: the legendary eight trigram.


Besides, Blade and Soul cash shop has released a new fashion for Lyn. Always cute, right?

Staytuned for more Blade and Soul latest news, guys!

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