Blade & Soul Discussion: A Few Years Late?

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Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul is a game that many players might have given upon after years of delayed localization to the western regions.

Of course, most of the dedicated enthusiasts managed to find ways to play on the Korean, Chinese and Russian servers with the English patch that gradually got better. But do we know exactly how long we had to wait for the game to make it to the NA and EU gaming communities?

Before diving into a topic that will surely gain some confused and dissatisfied looks, I would like to make it clear that I do not intend to ruin your current EU and NA Blade & Soul hype after the recent release of the game, but if you have been playing around since the beginning of this year, you might just understand what this article attempts to convey.

Rumors of Blade & Soul arrived roughly 9 years ago, with the arrival of Project M gossips and it took a few years for actual details to be revealed. Four years later, yes four, the first CBT event arrived in 2011 (evidently in Korea). The same year, China also received publishing rights through Tencent.

NCSoft was really doing well during those years, with the launch of Aion in the western regions, it was getting tons of hype that could have pushed them into speeding up the localization works, but sadly it did not.

Blade & Soul

Now, five years after the initial arrival of Blade & Soul, NA and EU players should be enthusiastic about receiving the game in its relatively early stage. If you take a look at the mother load of games that had been released during those five years, you will perhaps spot the huge evolution that MMO gaming has gone through.

Now that we are back to the basics in NA and EU, lacking the classes that were later added like the Warlock, one might have a few concerns about the outdatedness of the current western Blade & Soul. This statement might seem harsh initially, but if you play the game for a while you might just realize that it feels like something that would have been great a few years ago with all the fancy - looking outfit sets and skills, but the current gamers need a lot more than just pretty faces and eye-blinding skills.

Blade & Soul

After a few days of playing, I personally found the game to be missing some essential features that I look for during my hopeless attempts at finding an MMORPG that I can stick to for years. Nevertheless, I do have to admit that the first days brought some entertaining hours after equipping those Faction uniforms and surprising some lost souls in the early areas of the game. But with the maxed out quest reward weapon,everything seemed just too easy. The mobs were getting literally one-shot by my Assassin which meant that there was not much room for testing out my combos other than those irritating class quests.

Blade & Soul

Make no mistake, this all might feel too critical, and I must confess that deep inside I was having fun right until the moment I started lingering about end game and got mesmerized by the massive gold seller spam on all chat channels. Sadly or not, I am one of those not uncommon breed of gamers who need enormous endgame content, and can not simply settle with a few arenas and dungeons.

I eagerly wait for some constructive feedback from you guys and feel free to share your experiences since the western launch of Blade & Soul. As a last note, Blade & Soul could have been on my top 10 list of beloved games, had it arrived 4-5 years ago when expectations were slightly more generous for the gaming industry.

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