Blade and Soul (KR) Bloody Shark Harbor Instance Update

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NCsoft has updated the instance - Bloody Shark Harbor in Blade and Soul (KR) - Bloody Shark Harbor Loot Wheel.


Players can get useful items by Loot Wheel.

Loot Wheel Location

You will see the huge wheel after entering Bloody Shark Harbor and go straight.


Loot Wheel Usages

1. Firstly, players need to purchase appointed items, and then find exchange merchant at the wheel and buy wheel tickets.

One Nayu Country Silver = five wheel tickets
One Nayu Country Silver + One Purple Key = two wheel tickets
One Blue Key = one wheel ticket


2. After that, you can come to the wheel and start to draw by pressing “F”.




You are very likely to get the item which says “please expect the next chance” when using the loot wheel. You can exchange a wheel ticket by collecting 10 such items.
Items gained by the loot wheel are forbidden for transaction.




You can get a Shark Harbor Key which can unlock supplement box from Shark Harbor instance.




You can get two Nayu Country Silver Coins.




You can get Nayu Country Gold Coin.




You can get a random glaring hexagonal gem, which can’t be transacted or decomposed.




You can get a random flaming hexagonal gem, which can’t be transacted or decomposed.





In Korean server, there are a lot of players lining up to spin the loot wheel because of Nayu Countr coins and the gems.



Source: DUOWAN

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