Blade & Soul: First Impressions

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Blade & Soul is a game that took too long to arrive but still holds plenty of potential in the western regions.

I recently decided to give the game another shot and so the adventures of my slightly overpowered Assassin began. The character creation process "only" took me about an hour after which I completely forgot to save the looks for later use. But this was actually a pleasant experience since I like to fiddle around with sliders and probably eventually end up creating a rather ugly character with tons of effort.

Blade & Soul

As the introduction area arrived, I felt the urge to rush through the rather useless starter area quests that teach me how to jump and sprint. All of this was followed by the buggy, rainy BambooCoast area where it took me about 10 minutes to find an untagged quest mob due to the fact that I foolishly picked one of the new servers with so many people in the starting zones that one felt like it was Black Friday all over again.

Blade & Soul

After I got through the first set of events and ended up in the sunny BambooVillage, I made one of the worst decisions of my MMORPG career and that was picking the Cerulean Order faction and equipping their outfit. I felt like a bread crumb surrounded by thousands of ants who were all Crimson Legion members and zerged me down in about 0.02 seconds. It currently looks like most people prefer to choose the Crimson Legion as their factions and this did not change later on, so if you want to have a peaceful leveling session, either pick that faction or forget about equipping the opposing one's equipment.

Blade & Soul

I must admit, I had some great fun with the Wheel of Fate that provided me with some great items in Everdusk. In a few hours of playtime, I got through some simple yet fun story quests and also a set of completely irritating class quests that showed me combos that were so long that I had to write them down on a piece of paper.

Blade & Soul

I am currently standing at level 20, with no regrets so far and I did get the chance to try the cross-server lobby to enter dungeon groups and it has been a pleasant experience so far. The loot bidding system in dungeons is a bit awkward and I really think plenty of western players will start complaining soon enough about missing out on loot due to grouping up with rich players.

My previous fears of not enjoying this dedicated roleless MMORPG system have been proven wrong so far, and the dungeons actually felt relatively doable without having someone to fill up our HP bar. I will surely share my further leveling adventures in the near future and also expect the same from you guys.

We would love to hear your experiences with the recently released NA and EU versions of Blade & Soul, so please do not hesitate to post them in the comments section below. See you soon.

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Daniel Csaki
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