Blade and Soul Unveiled Nurse Outfits for Valentine's Day

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Last year's Valentine's Day, Blade and Soul brought us the amazing Bunny Girl Outfits, and this year it still won't let us down. Yesterday, Blade and Soul unveiled the sexy Nurse Outfits for Valentine's Day and Spring Costumes for Spring Festival. Both of them will be available in Korea server and China server before long.


Nurse Outfits for Valentine's Day

Most of these nurse outfis are very sexy and hot, but I just feel that the one on the Lyn is quite strange. These outfits are only for female characters, but just imagine this: if there were nurse outfits for male could be quite weird and disgusting.


Spring Costumes for Spring Festival

2015 is also "the Year of Goat" in traditional Chinese culture. So the design of the Spring Costumes adds some goat elements, "baa~", after seeing these, I got more craving for the launch date of Blade and Soul in the west. 



For more latest news about Blade and Soul, please stay tuned guys!

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