Blade & Soul Wings of the Raven Update Went Live

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Blade & Soul's Wings of the Raven update went live on February 7th. This update contains two new 24-member dungeons, one of which is the brutally difficult end-game raid Skybreak Spire. A new Legendary upgrade path, streamlined Evolution paths, 6v6 Clan rankings, and a new generation of Legendary accessories are also included.



The ancient Naryu fortress, Skybreak Spire, on the island of Khanda Vihar is where Lusung awaits you. It is still under the influence of the demonic Raven King. With a weekly lockout, groups will face extreme trials and receive extreme rewards, such as the best-in-slot Soul Shields and Legendary accessories for all classes. The Raven King's own items are also obtainable which allow players to transform Baleful/Seraph weapons to the new Raven weapons and upgrade them even further.


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