Lastest Interview Unveiled More Details about Blade and Soul CN for 2015

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After the launch of new class Shaman and new 1v24 instance zone, what will Blade and Soul bring to us next? According to an interview with Blade and Soul CN team, they revealed that they would release a new class and more new gameplays in this year. Let's have a look at their description of Blade and Soul this year's plan.



Following the steps of Korea server, Blade and Soul CN will launch the 1v24 instance zone in March.

They will kick off the event of S3 weapons in order to make more players get these weapons.

They are considering how to keep the balance of PvP, and maybe they will release a new PvP mode in the future.

New class is under development now, and when it will come to us is still unknown.


Q: First of all, could you please tell us the plan of Blade and Soul CN in 2015? What new content will you give to players?

A: This year is also important to Blade and Soul. Firstly we will keep improving the storyline and release more new instance zones. As the new storyline unfolds, we will launch more high-level instance zones to players, fox example, the upcoming 1v24 instance zone in March. 

Except those above, we will optimize the community, PvP, UI and so on. What's more, we will kick off a big mysterious new system to you guys. Please stay tuned!

Q: Blade and Soul had updated the S3 weapons last year. To those frugal players, the S3 weapons are too expansive. And the S3 weapons nearly destroyed the balance of PvP and PvE system. Will you change this situation this year?

A: After the launch of White Blue Mountain, we have never stopped the optimizing of the balance. And in the subsequent expansions and events, we will provide more chances to every player to get the S3 weapons.


Q: Recently Blade and Soul CN launched the Shaman, is there any new class in your plan of 2015?

A: Yep, but we still want it to be a mystery. If you really want to know what the next new class is, you can pay attention to those famous NPC in Blade and Soul, which class of them is still unavailable now?

Dear MMOsiters, what's the next new class of Blade and Soul in your opinion? Is it the hackbuteer in the rumour, or some other classes? We'd like to know!

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