Passing the Censor, Blade and Soul (CN) OBT Is Approaching

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In Korea, Blade and Soul is rated as an 18+ game. Recently, Blade and Soul just passed the examination by Chinese Ministry of Culture, which means good news and bad news. The bad news is that in China server you won’t see a female character wearing fishnet stockings and running with her bosom wobbling any more, which caused a discussion whether Blade and Soul is an 18+ game in China. However, the good news is that we will actually have the open beta test in China this year.



Blade and Soul CN has ended the 2nd CBT and stress test in January. There is a rumor that the 3rd CBT will be held in May. No matter whether this rumor is true, it is sure that before OBT, there would be another CBT in China server. Tencent, BS CN’s publisher announced that players who reached Level 36 during the 2nd CBT are qualified for the 3rd CBT directly and has also given 3000 active players the qualification of the 3rd CBT. But it still doesn’t meet the increasing players’ need.



Recently, a video to celebrating the Spring Festival to players was released in BS Chinese official website. In this video, Bae Jae Hyun, the producer of Blade and Soul in NCsoft, and Kim Hyung Tae, the Art Director talked about the state of BS in Korea and the plan in China. As you know, BS is having OBT in Korea with a lot of content updating, like new instances and system. Bae Jae Hyun told that all the new content will be released when BS CN begin OBT. Kim Hyung Tae disclosed that NCsoft is developing new story for Blade and Soul, a new area, Baiqing Mountain.



However, it is so sad that there is no any news for BS English version. The latest news in BS west website was on Dec. 5th, 2012. What is NCwest doing?


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