Blade & Soul: Builds Really Matter

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Blade & Soul

Since I recently shifted from leveling an Assassin in Blade & Soul to a Gon Destroyer, It became clear that builds play a huge role in most aspects of the game.

At first, I did not pay much attention to the builds that were available for my class, and being utterly lazy, I picked the recommended path (PvE) for leveling. This was clearly a foolish choice to make, as there are certain skills that can completely reshape your character's performance and make things like leveling and PvP noticeably easier.

Blade & Soul

The Destroyer is undoubtedly a fun class to level as you can easily survive large groups of mobs which helps you get through quests and dungeons really fast. When I was browsing around for outfits, I realized that some of them drop from 6-player instances. My aim was to get the Grave Raider outfit which drops from the Naryu Temple instance, from the first boss. Various sources claimed that this can be soloed above level 40. At this point, I began paying attention to the various builds that are available for each class, and in the end, I could easily solo the boss even though I was only level 32.

Blade & Soul

The Destroyer gets tons of overpowered skills from the Martial Tome like the Typhoon which was partly the reason for my success in obtaining the outfit. If you are a lazy one, there are plenty of sites on the internet where you can find efficient builds for various purposes. PvP will require a completely different build, and further more, it is important to have separate builds against different classes. If you are facing a Summoner or a Force Master as a Destroyer, for example, you will need a build that prevents the opponent from kiteing you, hence you will need loads of CC skills and long-distance charges.

Blade & Soul

If you are new to Blade & Soul and you begin to have a feeling that your character is not doing well, it usually means there is something wrong with the build you are using or you forgot to update your shields and weapon. If you are completely clueless about the various builds for each situation, BNS Tree is a good site to use where you will find a good variety of guides from veteran gamers. There are other sites too that provide in-depth guides, so make sure you Google around before giving up on the game.

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