Blade and Soul TW to Launch New Expansion with A Theme Song

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Tree of Savior is coming but Blade and Soul is still not. The good news to Taiwanese players make us envy again: the Taiwan server will kick off the new expansion "White and Blue Mountain" on Mar 18th, in order to celebrate its launch, Blade and Soul TW publisher releases a theme song called "Across the River". You can listen to the song below and see how the White and Blue Mountain's story goes.


Blade and Soul TW New Theme Song - Across the River

Just as Korea and China server did before, this upcoming "White and Blue Mountain" will bring new maps, new legendary weapons and new class shaman to Taiwan server. Here's the trailer of it.

Blade and Soul TW "White and Blue Mountain" Trailer

Personally I think for the reason of losing the No.1 throne in Korea MMO industry, NCsoft now realize that how important Blade and Soul's NA/EU is to them, please hurry up NCsoft, Tree of Savior english version is on the way now!

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