Tencent Teases The Upcoming Blade and Soul Mobile Version with Several Wallpapers

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It's been quite a long time since we saw the Blade and Soul's mobile version at G-Star 2014 for the first time. To our surprise, this mobile version will not release in Korea first - but in China. As the publisher of Blade and Soul China server, Tencent has been running a mysterious event for this upcoming mobile game for a certain time. On Blade and Soul CN's official site, Tencent has already teased this game with some beautiful card images, here are them.





The name of Blade and Soul's mobile version is so called "Fighting! Blade and Soul" in Chinese. Unlike its PC version, it will be based on 2D art, but still keep the gorgeous style. You can read our previous review about Blade and Soul's mobile version.


Tencent hasn't given the launch date of the mobile version so far, but players can download the wallpapers via its official teaser page. To those players in the west, "Fighting! Blade and Soul" seems to be not a big loadstone. And this mobile version may release in the west later than its reachless Blade and Soul NA/EU.

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