Blade & Soul: Silverfrost Mountains Expansion Coming Soon

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NCsoft has just announced that the Silverfrost Mountains Expansion for Blade & Soul is coming soon, bringing more contents including new zones, new quests and new challenging endgame content.

Blade & Soul

The new capital Zaiwei will serve as your new base of operations, activity hub, crafting workshop, and social center. Its broad thoroughfares and gold-leafed monuments are matched only by the city's plights, and need for assistance from willing warriors.

Blade & Soul

The eight new dungeons must be one of the biggest highlights in this expansion. According to NCsoft, these new dungeons will "present a new pinnacle of challenging content, and the progression of your quest in exacting revenge against Jinsoyun."

Blade & Soul

What's more, a new world PvP zone named Soulstone Plains will also be released in this expansion. Players should fight for the Crimson Legion or Cerulean Order here as well as to protect the mining operations from waves of enemies and the opposing faction to earn valuable resources.

Blade & Soul

Check out the official post to learn more about the expansion.

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