Blade and Soul Redesigns Force Master to Keep Balance between Classes

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Recently, Blade and Soul's dev team, Team Bloodlust have released an update about Class Redesign on their official site. And this update will be a good news to those players who love Force Master most - Blade and Soul will remake Force Master and it will be more powerful than ever.


A series of Blade and Soul's latest updates show that NCsoft is now focusing on keeping the balance between each class, in order to improve players' gaming experience and bring more fun to them. Force Master used to be regarded as the weakest class in Blade and Soul, and now it finally gets the best opportunity to come back to the spotlights of Blade and Soul.


Besides, Team Bloodlust also convey their gratitude to players and they are preparing a complecated update for their lovely players. For more details about Blade and Soul, please stay tuned guys.

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