Blade & Soul to Begin PvP Season 1 and Spring Treasure Trove Event

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NCsoft today announced that the first 1v1 PvP season of Blade & Soul will begin on April 13. Those who are looking to prove their worth as masters of their martial arts will have new rewards to collect. In addition to rewards gained at the end of the season, weekly rewards will also be given out for participating and maintaining—or improving—your class rank.

Along with the official in-game season rewards, NCsoft will also give out exclusive rewards to the winners of partnered NCSoft community tournaments. You can find more details about the event on the official announcement here.

Blade & Soul

Besides, the Spring Treasure Trove event is also going to be held from April 13 to April 27. This event offers adventurers the ability to unlock random treasure chests, and then purchase the highly sought-after rewards within for rock-bottom prices.

During the event period, players can click on the Treasure Trove icon at the bottom of your screen, and once per day per character unlock a treasure chest for free. Additional chests can be opened by purchasing and using Spring Treasure Trove Keys. When opening a chest you'll be presented with a selection of items to purchase from with gold. Check out the official post for more details.

Blade & Soul

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