Blade & Soul Secrets of the Stratus Patch Has Arrived

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Blade & Soul Secrets of the Stratus patch revamps character skill-trees, adds new Hongmoon levels, a Hongmoon Training room to practice combos and boss fights, new PVE areas, new dungeons, and more. It also includes Act 7 of the game’s storyline, where the fate of the apprentice Jinsoyun hangs in the balance.

Celestial Basin is located in the southeast Gunwon City. It is a whole new area with new monsters and new treasures. Upon entering Celestial Basin, players will be prompted with a random set of 5 quests. Each quest will reward players a varying amount of Celestial Peaches. There are a plethora of Celestial Peaches to harvest. Collecting Celestial Peaches will help players purchase the new equipment type - the Mystic Badge.


Deep in the Celestial Basin sits Naryu Sanctum, the new dungeon. It is available in both Normal and Hard difficulty modes (which are now both 6-member fights) and challenges players to uncover the ruins’ secrets and face truly difficult encounters. By fighting against four bosses, players will have a chance to get a number of sought-after rewards, including Xanos Discs, Void Fragments, the Legendary Draken Bracelet, and the Xanos Necklace.


Another dungeon is Mushin’s Tower. The top 5 floors of Mushin’s Tower have opened their doors, offering brutal new challenges for solo players attempting to climb the upper reaches of the ancient monolith. This content isn’t for the uninitiated, and each floor has increasingly difficult boss encounters that represent a new pinnacle for challenging solo-player content.

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