Blade and Soul CN Teases the National PvP Competition Recently

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Do you still remember the China-Korea PvP Competition last year? Chinese and Korean players showed their superb skills and good sportsmanship in that competition, and this year, Blade and Soul CN has teased the PvP Competition in order to find their best players in China.


The China Regional PvP Competition may start from this month, and based on the experience of last year, this comeptition will last serveral month. In the end of this year, Blade and Soul will hold the China-Korea PvP Competition to select the best player worldwide.


And Blade and Soul CN claims that there will be more interesting elements, more comprehensive rules and lager battlegrounds for players. And the rewards of it is better than last year's.

This year Blade and Soul CN also teases a brand new slogan for the upcoming competition: "From Zero to Max, Who is the Max?" If you think you are a not-bad PvP player, why not have a try to win the abundant rewards of Blade and Soul PvP Competition?

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