Hyung-Tae Kim Interview by Elle and Nara Revealed the Released Plan of Blade and Soul's English Version

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Elle, an Illustrator & Gallery painter, now living in Seoul, Korea, is a big fan of Hyung-Tae Kim, the lead artist and art director of Blade and Soul. Elle and her friend Nara, another professional artist just got a chance to get a tour of NCsoft- Seoul as industry employees. Hyung-Tae Kim was willing and kind enough to show them around himself!

In this interview post in Elle's blog, you can easily tell the passion of a fan, so many stunning works of Hyung-Tae Kim! You also can know the background information of this Korea's most iconic industry gaming artists, his very first job, and his involvement with Blade and Soul, and so on.

Nara: What was your hardest or most difficult moment working in the game industry?

HTK: I would have to say, while I was working on the presentation for pitching “Blade & Soul“. I had worked for 3~4 years on the initial start up of the game and was compiling a movie for the pitch to the executives. If it had been shot down, the entire project which I have been babying would have been scrapped. It was such a huge project and was going to need a huge budget and commitment…I can't even tell you how worried and stressed I was heading up to that pitch presentation. Thankfully everyone LOVED it and from then on, I was stressing out about meeting everyone's high expectations.

I can definitely say “Blade & Soul” was the hardest project I've ever worked on. I've worked on it for 7~8 years. When I started I was in my 20s and with a blink of an eye, I was in my 30s ^^


Among them, the most important information from this interview is the released date of Blade and Soul's English version!

Nara: We sifted around online and found a lot of “Blade & Soul” fans abroad are playing the game without knowing what the heck is going on in the story because the game is all in Korean. ^^ For them, when will there be an English version coming out?

HTK: We're working very hard to make the game playable abroad also. At this time, we are hoping to release an English version of “Blade & Soul” by sometime next year (2014).


Thank Elle and Nara sooooooooooooooooooo much for this great, wonderful, awesome interview!! You can click here to see the full article! Please!

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