Blade and Soul (KR) 04.17 Update - Vicious Dragon Detail

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I have post that a new wild boss Vicious Dragon (풍독룡, or 风毒龙)  appears in the Misty Forest and Imperial Base areas. Players must fight with this boss when wearing faction doboks. The side making heavier damages can get different rewards each day of a week.

Here is a related video and the details of the rewards.


If you defeat the Vicious Dragon, you can acquire the souls and rewards.

Monday-Thursday: Vicious Dragon Key

Friday: Vicious Dragon  Trophies

Saturday: Vicious Dragon Trophies

Sunday: Vicious Dragon Trophies

You can recover by using “the Teeth Herbs-Shaped Puppy” and “the heart-purifying item.


Vicious Dragon>Mission

Newly Added Reward in the mission of killing Vicious Dragon : “Moon Stone Powder” and “Misty Forest Box”



Mission Name: Change Danger into Opportunity (Getting a trophy if finishing the mission on Friday)

Mission Name: Get the Advantages (Getting a trophy if finishing the mission on Saturday)

Mission Name: Fight in the Mist (Getting a trophy if finishing the mission on Sunday)


Source: Gameguyz, This Is Game

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