Blade and Soul CN New Update on April 23 Detailed Preview

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Blade and Soul CN is full of the smell of the Spring now. And on April 23, Blade and Soul will welcome its another spring - a big new update! In this update, Jin Seo Yeon will become a little girl to fight with you, new storyline will keep narrating you more details about Blade and Soul's history and more interesting features are waiting for you, read on guys!


New Storyline - Everything seems to go well in peace?


After a decisive battle, the world of Blade and Soul seems to be back to peace. And Jin Seo Yeon comes back but turns into a loli, does it forebode a storm? And this update will finally tell you the answer.

New Instance Zones - Black Forest, Sunken Corsair, and Black Gun Clan


And there will be 3 brand new instance zones: Black Forest, Sunken Corsair, and Black Gun Clan, and unlike other two instance zones, Black Gun Clan is an 1v24 instance zone.


New Social System - Farming System: Sky Farm


In the Sky Farm, players can enjoy different mini games, such as farming, fishing, feeding pigs and so on. And players can invite their friends to go fishing or something else together in the Sky Farm. Sky Farm also provides various awards to those who have finished its missions. And even players can get some special costumes via Sky Farm's missions.

New Gameplay - Challenge System


Are you fed up with the daily missions? It's alright, the new Challenge System will definitely meet your tastes. Those players who has already reached Lv.50 can join this Challenge System, and this system will provide them different challenge each day, and the rewards of it are quite substantial.

And Blade and Soul CN also promises that there will be more events along with this update, so if you are interested in it, why not explore Blade and Soul's world with your partners? Stay tuned for more news about it.

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