Blade and Soul CN Reveals A New Trailer for Upcoming Mobile Version

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We've known that there is a mobile version of Blade and Soul which is still being optimized now. And recently, Tencent Games, the Blade and Soul CN's publisher, has just unveiled a new trailer for its Blade and Soul mobile version, here is the video below:


Blade and Soul Mobile was originally revealed at GStar 2014, and even its china server has once released its 1st alpha test on Android device last year. And it's said that Blade and Soul Mobile will firstly launch in China in late 2015. 

Blade and Soul Mobile is based on Unreal Engine 3 but sadly it seems to be a card battle game. There are 190 cards designed by the best artists in China and South Korea. And some uncommon cards includes Blade and Soul's iconic characters such as Jin Seo Yeon, Pohwaran. For more information about Blade and Soul Mobile, please stay tuned guys.

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