Do You Want to Join Blade and Soul's Celestial Festival?

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Blade and Soul's Celestial Festival started on May 3rd and will last until June 14th.


During the event, players can obtain special chests from defeating bosses and enemies in Celestial Basin. To open the chests, players will need some keys, and those can be obtained in limited amounts (per day) from the Daily Challenge, the Hongmoon Store, or (extremely rarely) as a drop from the Celestial Basin bosses themselves.


By opening the chests, players will be able to get a few different types of rewards including Lunar Twilight Flower, experience charms, and upgrade materials, but most importantly Heavenly Fruit. In addition to being awarded from the chests, players will also be obtaining them from the Dawn of Khanda Vihar Weekly Quest “Meeting Meganura’s Match”.

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