Blade & Soul: Vipercap Gauntlet Event

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Beat the timer—and the Giant Golden Vipercap—for exceptional rewards from May 11 to June 1.

Race through the Frozen Vipercap Cavern as quickly as you can to beat the timer and defeat the final fungal boss to earn awesome rewards in Blade & Soul!

Blade & Soul

Truffle Shuffle

For a limited time, players level 36 and above will be able to access the Frozen Vipercap Cavern through the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby; once inside it's a race against time to reach the Giant Golden Vipercap within. Access to the dungeon is granted once a day for free, and a Frozen Vipercap Cavern Reset can be purchased from the Hongmoon Store to grant additional runs beyond the free daily access. When the Giant Golden Vipercap is defeated, players will collect Cavern Fungus based on how quickly they managed to navigate the dungeon, which they can then trade for the rewards of their choice.

Super Spore Rewards

The faster you are the more Cavern Fungus you'll receive, and the more Cavern Fungus you have the more you'll have to spend on Vipercap Gauntlet rewards in the Dragon Express! Chief among the purchasable rewards from the Vipercap Gauntlet event are the Upgrade Nebula Stone and Fated Bond costume (pictured below).

The Upgrade Nebula Stone is very special as it reduces the cost of weapon transformation when used—up to 40% for lower tiers. When used in the Offering slot in place of an transformation weapon, the transformation costs of that upgrade (materials and gold) will be reduced 10–40%. The Upgrade Nebula Stone does not reduce the cost of a Breakthrough or weapon reinforcement (only the standard transformation levels), and its potency is reduced as you progress to the higher weapon paths.

It's important to note that the Upgrade Nebula Stones can only be purchased and used for a limited time—from May 11 until June 22.

In addition to the Upgrade Nebula Stone and Fated Bond costume, a selection of items including Flower of Lament, Naryu Tablets, and experience charms will also be available for purchase using Cavern Fungus.

Blade & Soul  Blade & Soul

Fungi Fun Guide

  • Enter the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby (F8) and select the Frozen Vipercap Cavern.
  • Once the party is ready, head through the portal in the staging area.
  • When your party is inside the dungeon and ready to go, break the jar at the starting point.
  • Once the jar is broken, the damage zone blocking the dungeon will disappear and the timer will start.
  • Race through the dungeon, avoiding the grip attack of the Wild Golden Vipercaps along the way.
  • Defeat the Giant Golden Vipercap to stop the timer and collect your Cavern Fungus event currency.
  • Once you have enough mushrooms, you can trade them in the Dragon Express for your rewards!

Mycological Miracle

The Vipercap Gauntlet will be available from May 11 until June 1, and during that time characters level 36 and above will be able to run the dungeon once per day for free, a. Even after the event ends you'll still be able to spend any remaining Cavern Fungus currency you have, and use any Upgrade Nebula Stones you purchased, but only until June 22. After the standard Wednesday maintenance on June 22, any remaining Cavern Fungus and Upgrade Nebula Stones will no longer be usable and can safely be sold. Be sure to use them before then!

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