New Outfits, Weapons and Instances Preview of White Blue Mountains Update in Blade and Soul (KR)

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On May 14th, Blade and Soul TV began its 2nd season which brought the latest information of the upcoming massive update, White Blue Mountains.

It will have four advanced instances and three heroic instances, Snowwan Cave, Xue Yu Palace and Zombie Chamber. You can check their concept arts here.

Xue Yu Palace


This is the weapons dropped in Xue Yu Palace.


A player asked that how long the weapon he got from So-wul Plain in this new area. The answer from TV show was that “Although having not the detail information yet, it is sure that the weapon from the Tower of Mushin and Spiral Labyrinth can be used before the heroic instances.”


Several new outfits are also going to be added into this update.

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