Blade and Soul (KR) Po Hwa Ran Coser Interview

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In Blade & Soul (KR) Qunji Yihe server, a group of Po Hwaran cosplay by a player named Minai Meisi attracted much attention. See the interview below to know about this player:


Q: Could you introduce yourself?

A: Hello, I am a Force Master of Level 17 in Blade & Soul (KR) Qunji Yihe server. My name is Minai Meisi. Is it too simple?


Q: Why do you choose to play Blade & Soul?

A: I fell in love with this game when the authority released the teaser. I felt surprised at the visual effects and each profession’s splendid skills. I found every skill was awesome.

Q: It is said that you are a professional coser. What do you think of Blade & Soul?

A: the outfits in the game are unique and beautiful. And Lyn are pretty adorable.


Q: Why do you cosplay Po Hwaran?

A: Because Pohwaran is charming. And I prefer the female roles with weapons. Po Hwaran is cute. Though being a powerful boss, she is also a hot girl.


Q: How long did it take to make the Po Hwaran costume?

A: it took me about 2 months. During that period, many of my friends at school came to help me when they were free.


Q: Will you cosplay another role in Blade & Soul? If yes, which role will you choose?

A: There are lots of pretty roles, thus it’s hard to find the one that suits me. I have to think it over and make a decision later.



Source: gameguyz

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