Blade and Soul Blade Dancer Gameplay

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So I recently stumbled upon Blade and Soul through a friend here on MMOsite, and I have to say, I'm really impressed! The amount of detail you can put into the look of your character is phenomenal. The array of classes you can choose from, while somewhat limited for an MMORPG, is still pretty good.

Blade and Soul

Having only played a total of about 8 hours, there's still so much left to explore and discover, but I can feel the potential of Blade & Soul. The combat system and the way the camera moves feels natural and smooth, the graphics are amazing, and it's totally free to play.

Since I believe I'm better at making videos than writing articles, I'm going to leave it off here with a video I made yesterday. I recorded about an hour of gameplay, and chopped it up into what I think are the best 8 minutes of that hour. I hope you enjoy!

Check me out on YouTube! Visit Blade and Soul Zone ifor more information.

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