Blade and Soul: Something We Can Expect in NA/EU Server

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To most Asian players, Blade and Soul is no longer a new MMO now. After years of waiting, this game will ultimately launch in the west this winter. You may have the same questions like me: what will this game look like in NA/EU? Or will it be a synchronous version of those Asian servers? Before its release, we'd like to talk about some features that Asian servers already have, and they will probably be playable in NA/EU server in the future.


Mix-races Playable Classes

We've known that in Blade and Soul, some classes are specific for their corresponding races. But the game will break the restriction in China server. Three races will get one additional class, but the publisher fo China server doesn't give the details about this change, so we don't know which class will be added to which race yet.

But it's obvious that Lyn won't have a new playable class for it has got Summoner and Force Master already. Gon's playable classes are Destroyer and Kung Fu Master. Jin player can choose from Assassin, Blade Master and Kung Fu Master while Yun can play as Force Master and Blade Master.

Maybe in the future, we can play play Gon Summoner or Jin Destroyer or Yun Kung Fu Master in our NA/EU server.


Half-free Aiming

Unlike TERA which is completely free aiming and WoW which is completely tab-target, Blade & Soul stands between them and it lower the difficulty of controls while keeps the fun of fast and free action. There’s a crosshair on the screen and only when the crosshair is locked on an enemy you can land a successful hit. Of course, distance and range will affect whether your will hit or miss.


Intellegent QTE

Many MMORPGs have QTE when for chained skills. Blade & Soul’s QTE is unlike any other MMOs’ like Cabal 2 or Aion. It uses an intellegent QTE mechanic that automatically switches the abilities on your skill bar to those that are in the skill chain you are currently activating. With this mechanic, you don’t have to put dozens of abilities onto the skill bar and set dozens of hot keys for these abilities. In Blade & Soul, you can use less than 10 buttons to cover 20 to 30 abilities for simplified control and more effective combat.


Block & Counter

Each character class in Blade & Soul has unique active block and counter skills. A successful active block will not only decrease the damage you take from enemy attack, it gives you the opportunity to fight back. Counter ability varies depending on your class, and some are easy to use while some require good anticipation and fast reaction. The block and counter abilities require player to think of defense instead of focusing on attacking only.


And these above are only main features that Asian servers present to us, hope that after the localization, Blade and Soul NA/EU will be more interesting and exciting. Stay tuned for more news about Blade and Soul NA/EU.


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