There Is Also A Big Demand for Blade and Soul (Oceanic and SEA)

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It's been a long time since Blade and Soul firstly unveiled in Korea. After years of waiting, this game finally is coming to the west this winter. Blade and Soul NA/EU's launch gives its Oceanic and SEA fans a new hope. according to petition's recent post, Blade and Soul Oceanic and SEA fans now are requiring more players to join them to show there is also a big demand for an Oceanic & SEA server for Blade and Soul.


The reason why these players take this action is that Blade and Soul currently stated that they would only support additional servers in other locations, if they can see there would be a decent playerbase for it. 


Blade and Soul NA/EU is coming, hope that Oceanic and SEA server won't be far away from these players. If you are a big fan of Blade and Soul from Oceanic or SEA, you can join them to sign petition to show Blade and Soul, that it would be commercially viable to support servers for the Oceanic and SEA regions. Don't hesitate guys, it's your turn to make your dream come ture.

sign petition for Blade and Soul Oceanic and SEA here

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