Blade and Soul Dungeon Preview: Vengeance Breaks Coming on June 1

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An overview of the instanced content arriving Blade & Soul with the 2.2 update on June 1.


Sundered Nexus

Be Ido returns in this new Heroic group dungeon which touts a dynamic experience that harkens back to the maze-like Naryu Labyrinth. Available in 4- and 6-member difficulty, it introduces new cosmetics, Soul Shields, and a new Hongmoon Skill page. You might have defeated the nefarious funny man Be Ido before, but this time he’s brought some help in the form of mechanized weaponry. Wipe that grin off his face once and for all and claim your rewards.


Heaven’s Mandate

The climactic end to Act 4, this 6-member dungeon located at the Altar of Divine Will is a fitting end to your ongoing quest for revenge against Jinsoyun. While she’s certainly faced her own trials, your time for revenge is finally at hand. Intended as a fairly quick daily experience, it can be completed once per day, or more if a reset token is purchased from the Hongmoon Store. Don’t turn down your chance to see Master Hong’s spirit rest peacefully, at last.


Zaiwei Ruins

This new 24-member instance once again asks you to help defend against the onslaught of a demonic invasion. While fighting back against the Dark Realm, you’ll have to defeat three mini bosses before attempting to take on Tarakhan—a giant winged demon, and the final encounter.  If you’re lucky, there’s also a small random chance for an additional extra boss to spawn. Zaiwei Ruins is a good source of daily quests that reward experience, gold, Frozen Stingers, and Faded Scales which are used to unlock the Dragon Pulse in the Heaven’s Mandate dungeon. 


Tower of Infinity

The Tower of Infinity is a truly unique experience, meant to test even the most battle-hardened warriors, and offer them the bragging rights—and rewards—befitting of their abilities.

The AI controlled enemies within this solo dungeon are unique in that they act and react to you and your abilities, offering an unprecedented level of difficulty. Your goal is to reach the highest floor possible in the time allowed, and depending on how well you do, you’ll be able to skip floors and save time. At the beginning of each floor you’ll choose one of three buffs to add to your character, or you can choose to use none. Your score will be based on the highest floor reached, as well as completion time, and displayed on a new Ranking board available in the F11 menu. Rewards will also be distributed for the highest scores for each class at the end of each season.


Merchant of Wonders

This stranger seems to be popping up randomly in various dungeons and offering to sell goods and materials at unnervingly discounted prices. If you come across him, it’s best not to ask where he got them, and just buy what you can—we suspect he won’t be around for long.

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