Blade and Soul Producer's Letter Highlights Upcoming Content and Soul Fighter

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Blade and Soul has a lot planned for the remainder of 2016! The team just posted a Producer's Letter from Nico Coutant, including an update on the game and roadmap of things to come, including the news that the new class, Soul Fighter, arrives on June 22nd!

Before roadmap, the developer points out that they've made numerous quality-of-life changes to the game based on your feedback, and they continue to add improvements to spam, bot, and cheat detection, while adding more ways for you to report such behavior and help them to take action more quickly. 

Now let's check out the overall look at the content coming out this year.


As you can see, no more new weapon tiers are arriving this year apart from lvl 3-6 Legendary, but you don’t need a Legendary weapon to clear any of the new content. The new accessories and Soul Shield sets are also not required to complete any of the new content, but we hope they will be viewed as enticing rewards, and ultimately help you clear the content faster.

Blade and Soul

Last but not least, we know that everyone is excited for the next class Soul Fighter, which will arrive on June 22. The team will be running multiple events to celebrate this milestone—including a return of the very popular XP Event—as well as offering a free character slot to everyone for a limited time, similar to the Warlock release. For those of you who have been away from the game and are coming back now, or want to check out the Soul Fighter a bit later, we’ll have additional bonuses for returning players and those who level up new characters—more info on those will be coming in the near future. Also you’ll want to make sure you’re subscribed to our Newsletter, as they’re going to be sending a thank you package to all of our Newsletter subscribers toward the end of June.

Find more information about Blade and Soul here.

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